October 1, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Team Pairings Announced for the Summit Charity Golf Tournament


Welcome golfers to the TapRooT® Summit Charity Golf Tournament!

This e-mail will explain the tournament rules, discuss transportation arrangements, and team pairings.



This tournament is a charity scramble format.

What does that mean?

We are mainly here to play some golf, have fun, and raise money for a good cause. (More about the cause later.)

For a scramble format, all players tee off and the team then picks the “best ball” of all those hit. All players then take their next shot from that point. This continues until someone sinks a put.

The score for the hole is the number of “best ball” strokes.

For example, if everyone teed off, then everyone chipped, and finally, someone made their first try at a putt, the score would be 3.

If the team can’t decide on the best ball, it is the Team Captain’s job to choose.

Now it gets interesting.

As part of the charity format, you can buy “advantages”.

These advantages cost $25 each. Each player is allowed to by one of each type of advantages. The four types of advantage are:

1. Save-a-Stroke: Take 1 shot off your score.

2. Yellow-Tee Off: Move up to the Yellow (closest) tee box for one hole. (Can’t be used on closest to the pin holes (3, 13, 17) or the longest drive holes (2, 11, 14).)

3. Toss: Advance your ball from where it stops by tossing it as far as you can to “continue” the shot. (Can’t be used on closest to the pin holes (3, 13, 17) or the longest drive holes (2, 11, 14).)

4. Mulligan: Re-do any tee-off or other shot. (Can’t be used to win the closest to the pin holes (3, 13, 17) or the longest drive holes (2, 11, 14).)

These advantages will be sold to players just prior to the tournament during lunch and prior to the tournament tee off.

The Team Captain is responsible for keeping the scorecard and collecting the coupons for the advantages when they are used.

Men will play from the Gold tee boxes (the pro tees) and Women will play from the Orange tee boxes (second closest).

(Linda’s mom – Janice Wilson – receiving a car donated by SI for the shelter.)


All the money collected from the sale of the the advantages will go to the “Oasis of Love” battered women’s shelter. This shelter is run by Linda Unger’s (VP at SI) mom. In addition, System Improvements will match every dollar that’s contributed.

The shelter holds about 6 women and their families while they learn skills to cope outside an abusive relationship. The goal is for them to become a functioning, self-supporting, contributing member of the community.

These women often arrive after escaping (sometimes aided by police) from an abusive relationship. They usually have no money, no place to go, little self-esteem, and very little in personal belongings. Sometimes they don’t even have the life skills needed to provide for and raise their children.

The shelter protects the women from an abusive relationship and gives them a chance to learn life and job skills while they are provided a roof over their heads and food for them and their children. The shelter has had many success stories in their decade of operation. Want to know more? Just ask Janice (she will be at the tournament).

The shelter receives no federal or state funds and is completely supported by charitable donations (it is a 501-c charitable foundation under IRS rules).

Donations over and above the purchase of the advantages will be welcome and will be matched by System Improvements.

(Last year’s winning team.)


There are 10 trophies will be awarded at the TapRooT® Summit Tournament.

Each person on the winning team will receive a trophy (that’s 4) and there are trophies for each of the three closest-to-the-pin and three longest-drive holes.


Each team is responsible for their own transportation to the tournament. Please coordinate with your Team Captain.


The current weather forecast is for partly cloudy skies with highs in the 60’s (that’s Fahrenheit). Therefore, in addition to a shirt with a collar, pants (rather than shorts) and a light coat are probably the best bet for attire. Rain is forecast for Saturday, so let’s hope the forecast doesn’t change drastically as the tournament draws near.



Below are the preliminary team pairings derived from the System Improvements/TapRooT® golf parings Supercomputer. (Team Captain in bold red.) (Note team pairings may change due to additional registrations and cancellations – any changes needed will be announced at the clubhouse before start of play.)

Also, below is the current club rental schedule. (E-mail Benna if you have not rented clubs but need them.)

Paradies, Mark SI

Rodriguez, Mike Conoco Phillips

Sirois, Bill Circadian Technologies

Towe, Brad Towe & Associates   


Unger Linda SI

Selman, Charles SRS

Smith, Allen Matrix Risk Cont (rental clubs – right handed)

Ghaisas, Aniruddha Qatar Liquified Gas Co (rental clubs – right handed)


Skompski, Ed SI

Malik, Raj Saudi Aramco

Dobbs, Steve Constellation Energy (rental clubs – right handed)

Pryor, Ron Alcoa


Scott, Ken SI

Dwyer, Don Barrick

Musser, Michael Picerne

Janney, Dave SI



Tink, Brian W. Watershape (rental clubs – Left handed)

Fortune, Patrick Encana

Hassen, Shelly Willbros Canada

Tink, Brian A Watershape (rental clubs – right handed)


Lindsay, Michele P2

Recsky, Keith Terasen Gas (rental clubs – right handed)

Taylor, Sheridon Willbros

Kelley, Mike


Verlinde, Dan SI

Irving, Matt Surisoft

Wishoun, Keith

Vallee, Chris SI


Reed, Ken SI

Hughes, Paul Practical Solutions Group (rental clubs – right handed)

Young, Michelle SI

Keiffer, Robin KBR


McManus, Kevin Great Systems (rental clubs – right handed)

Rine, Fred

Raycraft, Steve SI



If you have any questions, drop me a note.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Summit.

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