September 22, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Tech Support Special Edition: Incident Import and Export

Hello everybody, and welcome a special Friday edition of Tech Support Thursday. Yes, I know that’s confusing. But what we’re learning today is not confusing in the slightest. However, not knowing how incident import and export works can be confusing.

Ready to learn?


Click on to see the intricacies of importing and exporting TapRooT System Software incidents!


Step 1: You must verify that the versions of Taproot you are importing from and exporting to are the same.  The is done by opening your software, logging in, and at the top going to Help – About Taproot.  The second line down will tell you which version you are using. 


Remember: Both the exporting and importing installations MUST be on the same version of the software!


Find that version!


Once you have verified that they are the same versions, you can proceed to exporting and importing.


NOTE: ONLY TapRooT System Software version 4.0.6 is supported for importing and exporting. If you are on version 4.0.4 or 4.0.5, please see the software update page.


If the versions are NOT the same, you’ll receive this error when trying to import the file:




Step 2: Find the Import/Export buttons in the Incident Manager: 


Find that file!


From the above picture, you can see the import and export buttons. 


Step 3a (EXPORT): To export a file, you will need to select that file in your file list (it will change color once selected).


Next, click export.  A screen similar to the one shown below will appear.


Pick a filename, any filename


Choose your location and save your file to it. 


Step 3b (IMPORT): To import the file back into the program, just follow these steps:


First, log in to your Taproot System Software.  Click the import button as referenced above.


A file open dialog will appear, prompting you to pick the import file. Once selected, click “Open”.


You’ll see something similar to this:




Just click OK and the incident will now be in your incident manager!


I hope this helped. Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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