April 13, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Tech Support Thursday: Before You Upgrade

Hello everybody, I hope everyone had fun at the Summit, I know I did. It was a great event and our biggest and best yet. For those who didn’t make it, I assure you missed out.

But be sure to plan for next year!

Anyway, this week I’m going to tackle a problem we had just a few days ago: When upgrading, you must be sure to set your backup location to a local drive. What does this mean and why? Read on…

Who Does This Concern?

Single-User installations are the most prone to this problem, but Workgroup and Enterprise Users should read this as well.

Why Is This Important?

When upgrading your software, the process goes as such:

—  The program files themselves are updated
—  TapRooT System Software then performs a backup of your database
—  An “updater” script is ran on the database, taking it to the latest version.

The issue lies in Step #2. If your backup location is set incorrectly, then you could have a chicken-and-egg problem of not being able to backup your database so the updater script won’t run, but you can’t change the location because you set that inside the software…which needs to run the updater script first!

Where Is The Backup Location Found?

Right here:

System Administration Menu – Software Options – File Locations

Please make sure that your backup location is set to a local hard drive (usually C:) as SQL Server cannot backup to a network drive! If this doesn’t make sense, I assure it will to your IT Department. Be sure to check that your location is correct and that it can be used for a successful backup before running the updaters.

The Simple Solution To Avoid This Problem — Run A Database Backup Right Now!

It’s as simple as this:

System Administration Menu – Database Management – Backup/Restore

Click on the Backup button and if this is successful, then you are a-okay to upgrade and update your software.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week. Until then, backup that data!

– Evan

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