June 22, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Tech Support Thursday: Comment Soup (TapRooT System Software)

Hello again everybody, welcome to another edition of Tech Support Thursday.

Today I’m going to cover comments on the Root Cause Tree—how to add one, what they look like, and the report you can run to view them all.

All of that and more inside!

1. To create a comment on the Root Cause Tree, load up an incident in the TapRooT System Software, click on the Root Cause Analysis tab, and then select a Causal Factor (or import one from a SnapCharT).

Click on the Root Cause Tree button. Then RIGHT CLICK on an object, field, or heading, and you’ll see the following:


Choose Analysis Comments (*) (as shown) and enter your comment:


After the comment is entered, you’ll then see a green asterisk—this way you’ll know what fields have comments on them:


To see a report, go back to the Incident Manager screen, highlight the incident, and click on the Reports button. Find this report in the tree of options:


You’ll see something much like this when you click on the View Report button:


From there you can export this report to a variety of formats including PDF and Microsoft Word for management presentations and team meetings.

I hope everybody learned something, I’ll see you next week!

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