November 10, 2005 | Mark Paradies

Tech Support Thursday: Demo to Full Version Unlocking

One of the questions we re faced with on a regular basis is “How do I get the permanent version of the software instead of the demo version?”  This is one that can be easily resolved when you  purchase the software.  Depending on the length of course yo take, the cost of the software may be included.  Either way, once you have purchased the software the process of unlocking it from the demo version is very easy and is outlined below.

Read on for the details!

Demo Version Unlock Procedure

The following steps illustrate how to enter your permanent serial number and take the software out of demo mode

Step 1:  From within the software click on Admin on the left side menu then choose System Setup and then Authentication


Step 2: You will then be on a screen that looks like the one below


Step 3: Once there, you’ll need to input your Full Version Serial Number into the appropriate fields:

It is recommended that you manually enter the serial number as copying and pasting can add a leading or trailing space which will cause an error.

Your serial number will look like similar to this 50120 – 20140710.

There is no dash in the software and instead the two sets of numbers have their own box.  You will need to enter the frst set of numbers in the first box and the second set in the second box and click the Save button


The serial number example is not valid and is used only for illustrative purposes

Once you have entered your permanent serial number and clicked save you should see a message indicting that the settings were saved successfully and you will no longer receive messages telling you that the software will expire.

Feedback Call

Is there any area of the TapRooT® System Sofware that is unclear and needs clarification or a visual guide? Feel free to leave a comment  below and let us know what you would like to see in this space in the coming weeks.

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