October 26, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Tech Support Thursday: Enterprise and Workgroup Installation Incident Locking

Do you have deadbolts on your workgroup and enterprise incidents? Well, in a way you do—whenever a user edits an incident, the door is ‘closed’ behind them and the incident is then ‘locked’ from other users until the active user finishes his or her work.

But what if that user’s software crashes? What if their network connection dies? The server still believes this incident is in use. Therefore we’ll need to ‘unlock’ it for other users.

Find out how inside.

Whenever you try to access an incident in a multi-user version of the TapRooT System Software that is already in-use, you’ll see the following dialogue:


But if this is in error, i.e. the user has logged off and/or something malfunctioned with their machine/network, you’ll need to clear the in-use flag that prevents others from accessing the incident.

WARNING: Make sure that ALL users are logged off the system before doing this. The ‘Clear Locks’ option does NOT check to see if anyone is currently logged on, and clearing the incident locks while someone is still working in it could cause someone to come behind them and overwrite existing work—i.e., the person who saves last wins. The database cannot prevent simultaneous use of the same records.

So with this running through your head, you can fix this problem by logging on with System Administrator privileges and going to the System Administration Menu – Clear Locks… option, as shown:

Clear Locks!

You’ll then see this warning:

Clear Locks Warning

If you click Yes, you’ll see this confirmation:

Locks Cleared

Thanks for reading, we’ll see you next week!

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