November 3, 2005 | Mark Paradies

Tech Support Thursday: Export and Import Databases in TapRooT® System Software in 5 Easy Steps

Hello everyone, Evan Erwin here again. We’re starting a new feature on the blog called Tech Support Thursdays. This is a series for those who use our software products to get the most out of their systems.

With that said, today I’m going to cover the Export and Import of Databases in the TapRooT® System Software in 5 Easy Steps.

Click on the Read More link to see how!

1. First, open up your TapRooT® System Software and go to the System Administration – Database Management – Backup/Restore menu option:


2. You’ll then see a dialogue like this one:


The most important thing to note on this dialogue is the Current Backup Path. This is where the backup file will be created.

3. Next we’ll click on Backup Database and see the following after confirming that YES we do want to backup our data:


Now that we know where the file is and what the filename is, we can go find the file and move it to the system that we want to import the data.

4. The last step has us finding the Restore Utility in the C:\Program Files\Taproot directory.

Please remember that importing a database will
replace ALL data on the destination machine!

The database restore utility is called TapRooT Database Restore Utility.exe. You’ll find it in the C:\Program Files\Taproot directory:


5. You’ll see the following dialogue when you begin the program:


The “sa Password” field is something required by MSDE (Microsoft Database Engine) and should be prefilled. You should not have to alter or change this field.

Click on the Select the TapRooT® Database to Restore button. It will create a File Open dialogue box where you will point it to the .tapbup file created using the Backup utility above.

Remember: This will replace (and, in essence, delete) ALL data on the destination machine!

I hope this helped. Thanks for using TapRooT®!

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