December 22, 2005 | Mark Paradies

Tech Support Thursday Holiday Break!

Hello everybody, Evan here checking in before the Christmas break.

Something to keep in mind: Technical Support will be next to nil over the holiday. You can email me at evan at taproot dot com if you desperately need assistance. Otherwise, please go through the normal Contact Us link above and we’ll get to work on it first thing Tuesday morning when we get back in the office.

Evan’s Christmas Tip: Save, SAVE, SAVE! Recently we had a very unfortunate case of a user who did all of their root cause analysis, their SnapCharT creation AND their corrective actions without saving, only to have a program crash and a loss of all his work. When in doubt, save your work. When you get a free moment, save your work. The SnapCharT auto-save is saving only the chart currently open and only that chart. Nothing else. It breaks my heart to deliver the bad news like that. Don’t let it happen to you!

With that said, Merry Christmas everybody. See you next week.

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