December 8, 2005 | Mark Paradies

Tech Support Thursday: Importing SnapCharTs

Hello everyone, I’m back with another fun-filled edition of Tech Support Thursday.

A question we often get on the support line here at System Improvements is “How do you import SnapCharTs?”

Today we’ll answer that question.

How do SnapCharTs get seperated from the TapRooT System Software anyway? Well, before there ever was TapRooT System Software, SnapCharT was a stand-alone program. After version 4 of the System Software, we integrated SnapCharT into the System Software and today there is no seperation. But for many users out there who are still happily enjoying SnapCharT version 2, this should be a very useful entry.

Here’s how you import a SnapCharT into the TapRooT System Software. Please have the file ready on your hard drive or network before starting this process.

1. Once inside an incident, click on the SnapCharT tab


2. Click on the New… button, as shown:


3. Click the Import button


At this point you then use the File Open dialogue to find the SnapCharT file (with the .ecf extension) and click Open.

You should then see this confirmation:


Click OK twice to return to the Incident Editor. You should then see this question:


To which, of course, you say YES.

I hope this helped. See you next week!

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