July 13, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Tech Support Thursday – Inactive Tabs

Hello everybody, welcome to another Tech Support Thursday.

Today we’re going to cover a few inactive tabs in the software, why they’re there, and when they’ll be “turned on”, as it were.

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When you edit an incident, you’ll see a list of tabs similar to this:

Incident Editor Tabs

If you look hard enough, you’ll see that the “Analysis Approval”, “Corrective Action Approval”, “Corrective Action Status” and “Team Members” tabs are not highlighted.

The Corrective Action Status tab will not highlight/turn on until you enter Corrective Actions for that incident.

IMPORTANT: Analysis Approval and Corrective Action Approval tabs do not work and are not active in Version 4 of the software. They will not work until Version 5, currently in development.

The Team Members tab should not be highlighted unless you are running a multi-user version of the software (workgroup, enterprise).

I’ve gotten two calls on this one today, so I figured it was pertinent enough to put it up here.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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