February 23, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Tech Support Thursday: Licensed Company Q&As

Hello everyone, welcome to another Tech Support Thursday.

Today we’re going to go over a few Q&A’s for some questions we have answered for our License Contacts at companies who have Site or Corporate-wide TapRooT(R) Software License Agreements with System Improvements.

1) As a Licensee, why do we need a single point of contact?

We request each company to provide a single point of contact that all of their users should funnel their support and questions through. We don’t necessarily need to know who that person is, but it’s helpful if we do.

By having this single point of contact, we are able to support the company more effectively by focusing on TapRooT® specific issues that cannot be handled at a local or company level. Many times corporate IT support personnel, due to their knowledge of internal systems and setup, can quickly and efficiently take care of simple issues, coordinate with internal support for possible hardware or operating system issues, and most importantly help the end user gather data on the issue and communicate this information to our technical support staff. This enhances our ability to better serve the end user by providing quick and efficient feedback and solutions.

2) How quick will my Help Call be answered?

We strive to supply the most effective and timely support possible, addressing issues based on the order each issue is received. Response by our tech support personnel will be made as soon as possible based on schedule (as stated below), mode of communication of the issue (i.e. phone or email), and availability of support personnel. The majority of the cases are closed quickly, and it is very unusual for a case to extend beyond a week.

There are two items that impact our ability to quickly and efficiently answer questions:

1) Detailed information about the problem encountered including any applicable error messages or actions performed by the user before and after the problem.

2) Immediate reporting of issues. This type of news does not get better with age, and is significantly more difficult to troubleshoot without immediate knowledge of the problem.

3) If I have a software problem, how can I request Tech Support?

Tech support can be requested through:

– Click on the Contact Us button and use the Technical Support option.

– Email techsupport@taproot.com

– Call our office: 865-539-2139 and ask for Tech Support

– Fax our office: 865-539-4335

4) When do you provide Tech Support?

We provide tech support during normal business hours, 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time, Monday – Friday. Major holidays excluded.

5) What do I get when I purchase Software Maintenance?

Your software license includes 1 year of free tech support and free upgrades. Payment of your Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF) continues support and new versions for an additional year. We will automatically invoice you each year for maintenance. If you don’t pay, you can continue to use whatever is the last version of software that we sent you under your maintenance plan; however, tech support is limited to our current version.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!


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