September 7, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Tech Support Thursday: PDF Printing For Free

Hello again everybody, how’s it going? Over here at Taproot HQ we’ve been getting a few calls on the ability to produce PDF reports.

Did you know there’s an Export function available on the reports generated by the TapRooT System Software?

But did you also know that some of those reports simply won’t export to PDF correctly? So what if you want to create a PDF of a Root Cause Tree but don’t have the full version of Adobe Acrobat?

Inside I show you how. And it’s 100% free!

Here’s how you get a PDF printer of your very own (i.e. it ‘looks’ like a system printer but when you print to it, it wants you to give it a filename to save the PDF to):

1. Get the PS2PDF Converter Download this here. After installing it, proceed to step 2. This install is needed for the CutePDF program to work.

2. Download CutePDF Writer here. This is free software that will, as I said, create a ‘virtual printer’ which you can print documents to. Except these will not be ‘printed’ they’ll be saved as PDF files that can be opened by anyone with Acrobat Reader.

3. Install CutePDF Writer – Pretty self explanatory.

4. Begin ‘Printing’ to the CutePDF Printer! – In your printers list you should now see the CutePDF Printer show up. By using the Reports button in the software you can then print those reports (Root Cause Tree, Corrective Actions, etc) and create easy to use and non-modifiable PDFs from them!

I hope this helps. Check back tomorrow for another all-new video testimonial from the 2006 TapRooT Summit!

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