June 8, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Tech Support Thursday: Recovering Your Own Corrupt SnapCharTs

Hello everyone, welcome to another Tech Support Thursday.

Note: This article is for advanced users and IT professionals only.


This week I’m going to diverge some great and—up until now—internal use only procedures on recovering corrupt SnapCharTs.

Why was this information internal-only until now and how do you do it? Read on!

Thanks to the setup and configuration of the latest version of TapRooT System Software (version 4.0.6, download the update here), an end user with enough knowledge of how to do so can recover a corrupt chart.

First, a few facts on “corrupt” SnapCharTs:

– If SnapCharT crashes at any time, then the chart currently open is probably corrupt. If you get a second crash at a later time with the same chart file open, then it is definitely corrupt.

– If the SnapCharT in question crashes on startup, then that chart is most likely unrecoverable. At this point I would defer to emailing techsupport at taproot dot com. We can try other measures here.

How to Fix Corrupt SnapCharTs using Version 4.0.6

Note: Versions 4.0.4 and earlier do NOT have this capability.

1. Open up the corrupt chart. Click on the SnapCharT tab, highlight the Bad Chart, then click on the Edit button:


2. Click on the Launch SnapCharT button:


3. Highlight the objects in question and choose Edit – Copy:

Choose Edit - Copy when the objects are highlighted.

Here comes the tricky part:

After you’ve highlighted the objects and chosen Edit – Copy

Close the Chart window, but NOT the SnapCharT program, like this:


This will leave you with a gray screen.

On your Windows Taskbar, click on TapRooT System Software. You should see the Launch SnapChart window currently displayed.

Click Cancel on this window. Choose NOT to save changes.

Now we have:

– SnapCharT currently open but with no open charts
– TapRooT System Software open and on the SnapCharT tab

Click on the New SnapCharT button and enter a new description:


When you click on Launch SnapChart, it should bring you back to the SnapCharT program window that was open earlier. Except now it’s created a new, blank chart with a new filename.


Now go to Edit – Paste and paste the objects you copied earlier. If this crashes SnapCharT your original chart file is corrupt and you need to contact Tech Support.

If it doesn’t crash the program, then you have just recovered your chart with no additional help! Close the SnapCharT program (the X in the far northeast corner of the screen) and click OK on the Launch SnapCharT window. Be sure to save your file.

In Closing

Of course this is a long and convoluted process, a process we’re rectifying with the new Version 5 of the software that is in the thick of development as I type this. For those who wanted to know why their charts were crashing, I hope this helped. If this is too complicated or scary, feel free to contact technical support. We’re happy to be of assistance.

Until next week, keep up the good work!

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