February 9, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Tech Support Thursday: Safeguard Sweethearts

Hello again everybody. Last week I was out due to some medical issues, but this week I’m back and firing on all cylinders.

Today I’m going to give you some tips and know-how on making safeguards for your charts, and why we disabled the SnapCharT Safeguard buttons beginning with version 4.0.5. For those who still use stand-alone SnapCharT or TapRooT System Software version 4.0.4, this is for you!

Q: Why Not Use Safeguard Symbols? Weren’t they built into the program for a reason?

Yes, they were, but SnapCharTs can become volatile with the right (or wrong) mix of symbols and objects. After much testing and many reports from users having charts which would crash on start-up, we made the decision to remove these objects.

Q: How do I used Safeguards if the symbols are removed?

Well, the good thing about Safeguard objects is that they are simply rectangles with a few interesting graphic elements. But with a few simple steps, you can make your own. The most important part of a Safeguard symbol is its color, and by creating a rectangle, resizing it, and recoloring it, you can get the same effect the original symbols had, and make your charts that much safer.

Let’s take a look at the right and wrong way:


This chart used the old “broken” Safeguard bracket. We do not want to use these symbols. Instead, try this:


Notice what I’ve done here. By creating a rectangle chart object and simply resizing it, I can then select that object and using the color picker (as shown) I can create a “red” (or “bad/broken”) Safeguard—all without endangering the integrity of the chart itself.

I hope this helped. If you have any questions or comments, we’re always listening. And thanks for using TapRooT! See you next week.

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