June 14, 2007 |

Tech Support Thursday: SnapCharT Rescue!

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Tech Support Thursday. It’s been awhile since we last spoke, but I assure it is not because I’ve had nothing to do. On the contrary, we’re plenty busy over here at TapRooT HQ.

Today we’re going to be talking about rescuing SnapCharTs that have crashed. If the chart your working on has crashed, DON’T DO ANYTHING until you read these directions!

For example, when working on a chart you may see the following occur:

Screenshot 2

At this point, your SnapChart is due for a crashing. When you click OK you’ll see something like this:

Screenshot 3

After clicking either option, you’ll be taken back to the System Software window which is under the impression nothing is wrong:

Screenshot 4

At this point DO NOT click on the OK or Cancel button. We want to go save the chart file we were working on, and to do that we’ll perform the following steps:

First – Go to Start Button – Run:

Screenshot 5

Then type in “%TEMP%” (no quotes) and click OK, as shown:

Screenshot 6

After clicking OK, you’ll see your long list of temporary files. You’ll need to see the Details of these files in order to sort them by Date Modified. To do this go to the View – Details menu option. Then click on the Date Modified column header, as shown below, to sort the files in order to get the most recent files at the top. You should see a “0000000x.ecf” file with a very recent date. In this case it was at 1:16PM, when I created this scenario:

Screenshot 7

Now right click on the ECF file (the .ecx does not matter, and if a .ecf.bak is present, it is a backup of the .ECF file we’re copying) and choose Copy

.Screenshot 9

Then launch Windows Explorer by holding the Windows key and hitting the E key on your keyboard. It will show up similar to this:

Screenshot 8

Click on the C: drive on the left hand side, then Right Click on the whitespace beneath the folders on the right and choose Paste.

You should see something similar to this:

Screenshot 10

Once that is done, return to the system software and click Cancel. Tell the software to NOT save the chart to the database. We do the previous steps first because when you Cancel or OK this dialogue, the .ecf file we copied from the Temporary directory is normally removed.

Now while still in the SnapCharT tab, click on the New SnapCharT button. Per below, name the chart “My Saved Chart” or something to note this is the recovered file and not the original chart.

Then click on the IMPORT button on the right side of the window:

Screenshot 11

After you do so, you’ll see a File Open dialogue. Navigate to the C: drive where we pasted the chart earlier:

Screenshot 12

After clicking Open you should see the following acknowledgment:

Screenshot 13

Then click OK for the “chart has been imported successfully” dialogue and then click OK again and you’ll see this dialogue:

Screenshot 14

Be sure to say YES here to save your newly recovered chart.

Now you should have your recovered chart and your old chart both listed in the SnapCharT tab.

If these directions were unclear or you have any problems performing them, please let us know via this blog post or the Contact Us link in the top right corner of the site!

Thanks for reading!

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