March 30, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Tech Support Thursday: Summit Inbound!

Yes, the most exciting time of the year for TapRooT users is coming! This year’s Summit promises to be a fantastic and awesome event with great speakers and sessions.

But you already know that, don’t you?

Today’s post will cover what you want to bring with you, technology-wise, and what we hope to accomplish at the summit on the tech side of things.

Don’t Forget…

1. Your Laptop

Obvious but it has happened to many: Each attendee will greatly increase their chance of having a more thorough and productive experience if they have a laptop handy. This allows you to take notes during the sessions and actively participate in the software sessions.

2. Update Your Software!

See this page and find your software package and update it. For most this should be the 4.0.6 Update which was just released last week. Don’t wait, do it right now! Remember: The more preparation you do for your software maintenance the less time you have to fiddle/upgrade or troubleshoot an installation at the Summit itself. And who needs that?

For those under strict IT limits (ie, you don’t have Administrator privileges on your machine) be sure to contact the IT department and have them help you upgrade! It’s worth it and the changes keep your software more stable and more robust.

3. Live Blogging!

At the Summit I’ll do my best to post pictures, recaps, and actual stories and quotes from the attendees themselves. I know I’m not alone in this push and we’ll also be trying new video segments for you to download and see. This is the first ever Summit in which the Root Cause Blog has been a part of. We’ll promise to make it memorable!

4. Have Fun!

One of the most important things to remember in the TapRooT Summit is to have fun and learn while doing so. When you’re busy thinking about improvements and processes, getting creative can be a great way to ease your stress and keep you as productive possible, particularly when you head back to your workplace.

We here at System Improvements work hard to bring you the most informative, interesting, and worthwhile sessions we possibly can. But that doesn’t mean it’s all by-the-book. Sometimes off-the-cuff ideas and activities can spur the greatest strides in improvements for your company—and fun comes right along with it!

That’s all for this week. I hope you see you at the Summit!

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