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Tech Support Thursday: TapRooT® System Software 4.0.x Vista Compatibility

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Tech Support Thursday.

This week we tackle the hottest topic in the tech support area here at TapRooT HQ: What to do about Vista? Some version of Vista will run the 4.0.x System Software just fine, while others give an error such as “Run Time Error 52”.

How do you fix this? There’s more inside!

First, an Important Note: Vista is NOT officially supported as a platform for the 4.0.x System Software. These instructions are provided to you as a courtesy of TapRooT Tech Support in efforts to get you up and running on this new operating system.

These instructions are a collaboration between myself and Steve Raycraft, our primary tech support provider here at the company.
Fixing “Run-time Error 52”

Now that Windows Vista is continuing to become more common on PCs, we have noticed that there has been an increase in calls with clients unable to Run TSS 4.0.6 and receiving the following error message: “Run-time error ‘52’ Bad File Name Or Number:”

(Click for full image)

This happens due to the way Windows handles Administrator accounts in Vista.

Let me give some background first: Under Windows XP, when you are logged in as Administrator, you have full access to the core Operating System files. This is ideally a good thing, but malware creators can take advantage of this and install spyware and other malicious software.

Windows Vista attempts to correct this with User Account Control(UAC). In Vista, when a user is logged in as an Administrator, it allows you to install software but if that software tries to update core files either during install or when the application runs, it may fail. The TapRooT® System Software version 4.0.6 does require that not only are you logged in as administrator, but also that you have Administrative rights. I will show you how to accomplish this in Wi
ndows Vista.
Tell Windows to run TSS 4.0.6 as administrator.

Go to your Windows Button – My Computer and up at the top of the screen type in “c:\Program Files\TapRooT” without the quotes. That will take you to the TapRooT® folder. Locate the file “tapvb” and right-click on it and select properties.

Click on the “Compatibility” tab and put a checkmark in the “Run this program as an administrator” box. This will allow you to run the TapRooT® System Software and you will no longer get the “Run-time 52” error message.

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Thanks for reading, and for using TapRooT®!

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