April 5, 2007 | Mark Paradies

Tech Support Thursday – Vista Questions

Hello everybody, welcome to another edition of Tech Support Thursday.

Today we’re going to talk about Windows Vista and it’s compatibility with the TapRooT System Software. Ready for the answer? It’s just inside….

Windows Vista is out and there are many users migrating to it. For those users, please note that Windows Vista is NOT an officially supported platform. I want to stress that because any support you receive while on Vista is done on good faith alone. Windows XP remains the preferred environment with which to run v4.0.6 of the TapRooT System Software.

So, does TapRooT System Software run on Vista? YES!

On installation, you’ll get a warning that MSDE (the database engine) may not be 100% compatible with Windows Vista. You’ll be asked YES or NO if you wish to continue installing. Once you click YES, the installation of the software proceeds just the same as the Windows XP version.

Our internal testing has not yet shown any problems or bugs specifically related to Vista. However, I stress again: Windows Vista is not an officially supported platform. So if a show-stopping bug shows up for Windows Vista but not for XP, that bug will not be addressed.

Stay tuned for more information on Version 5, coming soon!

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