May 25, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Tech Support Thursday: What Version Are YOU Running?

Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of Tech Support Thursday.

In Today’s edition I’ll cover something very important in regards to what has turned out to be a very big deal for a few clients of ours—what version are you running and why is it important to upgrade?

1. Keeping Up To Date Eliminates Bugs

Software bugs can be troublesome and worrysome. Some of them can even delete data! Ack! While we’ve never had any that bad in the TapRooT System Software, there are things that are improved from version to version. Having the most up to date is important there.

2. New Functionality!

The ability to Import and Export incidents is a huge boon to productivity amongst team members who work on seperate databases. This ability also helps with technical support, in case an incident needs to be mailed to fully ascertain the scope of the problem. Those who use version 4.0.4 or earlier do not have this functionality.

3. Beware of Old Versions!

Version 4.0.1 of the TapRooT System Software was released to only a few, select customers. However, we recently discovered that this beta software was being used on production systems! We send out updates to customers via notification emails, letters, and blog updates. Pay attention to them and make your IT Department perform those upgrades! We work hard to bring you the best software possible. In the future, Version 5 will be a gigantic leap forward in terms of functionality and use. The earlier you get to version 4 and specifically version 4.0.6, the better!

That’s all for this week. Remember, when in doubt, give us a ring! We’re only a phone call or email (techsupport at taproot dot com) away.

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