January 25, 2007 | Mark Paradies

Tech Support Thursday – Why Do You Need To Install TSS On SQL Server?

Hello everybody, welcome to another edition of Tech Support Thursday.

This week we’ll tackle a question that has plagued many a Database Administrator and one that we hear often: “Do we really need to install the TapRooT System Software on the server?”

And the answer to that question is inside.

Must you install the client locally? YES.

Why? Because that’s how we perform our serial number validation. Were this not the case, anyone could create a backup of a Workgroup database, restore it on an SQL Server 2000 box and be up and running in Enterprise mode without the required license.

The key error here is “Login failed for user ‘taprootuser’.” You’ll see this when database administrators take it upon themselves to restore Workgroup databases to SQL Servers. The reason for this is that when the TapRooT System Software is installed it must create certain users on the Enterprise level in order to function correctly. These users are not installed nor configured when simply moving a Workgroup database—hence the error.

We’re revamping our procedures for Version 5 regarding serial number validation, but we’ll keep you abreast of that as it becomes necessary.

The most important point is this: After installing the client locally you can uninstall it! Yes, once the serial number validation is complete the client is no longer needed. You can then go to Start Button – Settings – Control Panel – Add/Remove Programs and remove the entry “TapRooT System Software”. This will NOT delete or remove your database from SQL Server 2000.

I hope this helped! I’ll see you next week, where I plan on picking up where I left off on the video tutorials. It’s been a crazy few weeks around here!

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