January 7, 2010 | Mark Paradies

Tennessee Snow Emergency!

Yes … It is a Tennessee snow emergency at System Improvements.

Here’s proof:



First, there is snow in our parking lot!

Second is a photo of Benna’s driveway (she sent it to me from her phone).

East Tennessee has lots of hills (and a few Mountains too).

East Tennessee has very little snow removal equipment.

So when it snows, it covers the road.

Because snow is so infrequent (once or twice a year), nobody knows how to drive on it. Many drive along like normal and slam on the breaks and skid until they hit something.

So, if you call us at the office this afternoon, we’ll probably be gone because we’ve left early to avoid being on the road.

Maybe tomorrow too!

Sometimes it’s better to avoid an accident than to investigate it!

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