March 27, 2018 | Anne Roberts

Testimonial Tuesday

Here are recent evaluations from our 5-Day and 2-Day Root Cause Analysis Courses:

  • “Site uses corrective action software that has (SMARTER) fields built in that make actions easier to track.” – Kelle
  • “I will come away a better investigator. I feel confident in the process I need to follow to help find the true root cause.” – Orrin
  • “Will definitely improve my incident investigations.” – Ryan
  • “Opened my eyes to many more root causes.” – Twila
  • “Much more interactive than other courses I have taken.” – Todd
  • “I like how the process weeds out the upfront debates that slow down and complicate the process.” – Rob

We take your course evaluations seriously. Without them, we couldn’t continue to improve and grow as a company. So, thank you for your valuable feedback!

Looking to attend a course near you? Then click on the link below to see what courses are available near you.

2-Day Essentials TapRooT® Training
5-Day Advanced Root Cause Analysis TapRooT® Training

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