February 13, 2009 | Dave Janney

The Cost of Poor Quality

Just yesterday, I blogged about the continuing saga of the Georgia Peanut plant – yesterday the issue was whether management could potentially be prosecuted.  Today, the company filed for Bankruptcy…..how long will it be before they go under for good?


The cost of poor quality can vary, but it can even put a company out of business.  TapRooT® can help you avoid these problems.  Right now, the press and fear mongers are trying to convince everyone that there is no money for anything.  I say this is the perfect time to raise the bar and differentiate your business from the shortsighted competition.  Simply put, investing in quality is investing in the customer – if you think you cannot afford to, I say you cannot afford not to.  Just my opinion.

See you at a TapRooT® course in the near future – together, let’s improve the business community, one firm at a time. 

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