March 22, 2006 | Ken Reed

The New Software Is Here!!

Version 4.0.6 update to the TapRooT(R) software has been released, and registered users can download it here. This update makes a few minor upgrades to the TapRooT(R) software, but it also made some significant changes to the Equifactor(R) module:

1. Added a “conveyor belt” troubleshooting table as requested by our mining industry customers in January.
2. Changed the front page of the Troubleshooting Chart. We have deleted the Failure Classification box, since the
TapRooT(R) Root Cause Tree(R) already takes care of this.
3. All the definitions in the front of the hardcopy Troubleshooting Tables book have been incorporated into the software. All these definitions can now be accessed by simply right-clicking on a term and selecting the Equifactor(R) Reference.
4. Other minor administrative changes have been made to individual tables.

If you have any other suggestions, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email. I’ll be happy to work these into future updates.

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