March 23, 2020 | Marcus Miller

The Silver Lining of This Pandemic: We Are Not Alone

Even though we are working alone in our homes or offices, we are not alone. We can continue to work as high-performing teams, even if we are not in the same office, city, country, or on the same continent.

It’s amazing how quickly new behaviors become normal. Two weeks ago—prior to our isolation efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19—I could never have imagined that I would be productive working at home. Not only am I productive, but I’m also thriving. I am checking things off my to-do list at a record pace without the commute time and workplace distractions. It’s easier to focus on the task at hand instead of jumping to the next thing that is put in front of you.

Technology is also making it easy to keep alive the human connection. We begin our days with huddles, utilizing our webcams to stay engaged with each other. The silver lining from tragic events, like this Coronavirus outbreak, is that they lead to innovation. This outbreak will change our behaviors because we are forced to learn new tricks and become familiar with new ideas. Simple things—such as learning how to wash our hands correctly—will have lasting effects on our health going forward. Social distancing will be more accepted and practiced next flu season. Future lives will be saved.

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The TapRooT® Version VI Software leverages technology to keep you productive and safe by allowing you to work on investigations remotely during this pandemic. The TapRooT® VI Software consolidates incidents, audits, investigation, root cause, and corrective action in one convenient database. The Software is cloud-based, allowing you access no matter what device you are using or where you are logging in.

With a TapRooT® Multi-User Software License, investigators can log in from anywhere and on any device to conduct investigations

Investigators can share their investigation with management, allowing management to keep up with the details of each investigation in real time. That saves time and effort while eliminating management’s dependence on updates from the people who are trying to get the work done.

Other benefits and advantages of the TapRooT® Multi-User Software:

  • Investigators can give other investigators access to their investigations so they can collaborate remotely saving time, effort, and travel costs.
  • Investigators can give other people involved in the incident remote access.
  • People involved in the incident can help build the SnapChart® remotely with the investigator.  They can directly upload important documents, pictures, and videos into the software to keep all evidence in one place.
  • Users can see how the TapRooT® Root Cause Tree® and Dictionary help eliminate bias and blame.
  • The experts we depend on can be invited into the investigation to help review our SnapCharts® for accuracy and help create effective corrective actions.
  • Even though we are working alone in our homes or offices, we are not alone. We can continue to work as high-performing teams, even if we are not in the same office, city, country, or on the same continent.

We invite you to learn more about our latest TapRooT® Software developments.

TapRooT® allows collaboration as if we were in the same room but keeps us safe from all the hazards of travel

The strongest corrective actions eliminate the hazards or they remove the targets from harm’s way.  Using TapRooT®’s Version VI Software to work remotely removes us from the all the hazards of travel, which right now includes a pandemic. And once we beat this pandemic with our new behaviors, we will leverage our new skills to be more productive and safe as we do our job and save lives by preventing future incidents.

Watch TapRooT® professionals Benna Hughes and Ken Reed in this TapRooT® TV video about creating the most effective corrective actions

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