January 10, 2024 | Mark Paradies

Time for a Root Cause Analysis Executive Briefing?

Alex and Benna Discuss Executive Briefings

Alex and Benna Discuss Executive Briefings and Roadmaps to Success

What is a root cause analysis executive briefing, and how do you develop a roadmap to success? Watch Alex Paradies and Benna Hughes discuss why you might need an executive briefing and how you could develop a roadmap to success…

Learn from Past Videos

We are bringing back some of our classic TapRooT® TV videos from the past two, three, or even five years that you might have missed or might be applicable today (when it wasn’t for you years ago).

This video from three years ago is about briefing your senior executives on what is a proper root cause analysis and what are the benefits of performing proper root cause analysis. They also discuss how to develop a roadmap to root cause analysis success. You can learn the benefits of having an executive briefing for your senior executives and how developing a roadmap to success can make your root cause analysis more successful.

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