December 13, 2006 |

“Tired Doctors Continue to be a Problem” … Says NPR

The following link is to an audio of an NPR report about tired doctors, fatigue, and error rates at hospitals:

Is the hospital industry the only industry that has normal shifts that last 24 hours or more?

What would you think if you were a patient and you knew your surgeon had been working for 24 hours straight?

Imagine yourself trying to diagnose a complex disease after working for 20 hours. Do you think you would be able to perform the difficult thought processes required?

Could these long hours explain some of the 98,000 deaths per year due to medical errors (the 98,000 is an IOM estimate)?

The impact of fatigue and investigating that impact is just one of the breakout sessions at the TapRooT® Summit.

This session is included in the following Summit tracks:

– Medical Error Reduction Best Practices

– Corrective Action Best Practices

– Human Error Reduction and Behavior Change Best Practices

– Investigation and Root Cause Analysis Best Practices

For a complete Summit schedule by track, click on this link:

Use the Display buttons on the lower left part of the page to see the various track schedules.

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