September 23, 2010 | Barb Carr

Titanic Sunk by Steering Mistake……and human error becomes the cause again!

Just a little excerpt below from the recent news article:

Patten, who made the revelations to coincide with the publication of her new novel “Good as Gold” into which her account of events are woven, said that the conversion from sail ships to steam meant there were two different steering systems.

Crucially, one system meant turning the wheel one way and the other in completely the opposite direction.

Once the mistake had been made, Patten added, “they only had four minutes to change course and by the time (first officer William) Murdoch spotted Hitchins’ mistake and then tried to rectify it, it was too late.”

If this is not an acceptable answer to you and you want to learn a little more about what Human Error is or Isn’t then join me during the Pre-Summit in San Antonio.

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