July 10, 2014 | Mark Paradies

Top 10 Blog Articles by Views this Year

What’s “trending” on the Root Cause Analysis Blog? Here are the top 10 blog article by your votes (clicks) this year…

1. 7 Secrets of Root Cause Analysis

2. An Example of 5 Whys – Is this Root Cause Analysis? Let Me Know Your Thoughts…

3. Spanish Version of 7 Secrets of Root Cause Analysis

4. Root Cause Tip: What’s a Causal Factor?

5. Root Cause Tip: Root Causes Are the Absence of Best Practices …

6. The Curse of Apparent Cause Analysis

7. Definition of a Root Cause

8. Press Release from the US CSB: CSB Draft Report Finds Deepwater Horizon Blowout Preventer Failed Due to Unrecognized Pipe Buckling Phenomenon During Emergency Well-Control Efforts on April 20, 2010, Leading to Environmental Disaster in Gulf of Mexico

9. Live Your Core Values: 10 Minute Exercise to Increase Your Success

10. What’s Fundamentally Wrong with 5-Whys?

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