August 8, 2011 | Mark Paradies

Top 10 Most Popular Root Cause Analysis Blog Posts

What posts get the most clicks on this blog? Here are the top ten results (by total clicks) from the first half of 2011 …

1. An Example of 5 Whys – Is this Root Cause Analysis? Let Me Know Your Thoughts…

2. How Does TapRooT® Work?

3. 7 Secrets of Root Cause Analysis

4. What’s Fundamentally Wrong with 5-Whys?

5. What’s Wrong with 5-Whys??? – Complete Article

6. Another Example of Why 5-Why’s / Fishbone Diagrams are Bad Root Cause Analysis Systems

7. Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Is a leaking pipe a “root cause”?

8. Jousting Accident Kills One

9. Where Does the Accident Pyramid Come From?

10. Friday Joke: Do You Want This Contractor on Your Job Site?

Some close “runner ups” include …

Can Regulations and Rules Prevent All Accidents? Probably Not.

Hail Damage at SI

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Killed While Investigating an Accident

A Bad Day That Could Have Been Worse

Bag Lost – Root Cause Analysis Opportunity? NO – More like ZERO Quality Improvement.

The 5-Why articles are continual favorites. It seems that because 5-Whys are “easy”, it continues on as a popular techniques even after people discover that the technique does not provide consistent, effective results. Thus people are often searching for articles about 5-Whys and why it doesn’t work.

Other than that, it’s tough to see a link between the results above and what makes a popular post. After all, how did a jousting accident get on the list? And hail damage at SI as a runner up? Seems strange…

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What’s my favorite? #3 – 7 Secrets of Root Cause Analysis. Read it and see if you agree…

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