July 28, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Top 10 Popular Posts in First Half of 2009

There are the most posts for this blog (by number of direct clicks) in the first half of 2009…

1. What’s Wrong with 5-Whys??? – Complete Article

2. An Example of 5 Whys – Is this Root Cause Analysis? Let Me Know Your Thoughts…

Picture 8.png

3. TapRooT®’s April Fool’s Video

Picture 9.png

4. Where Does the Accident Pyramid Come From?

5. What’s Wrong With Cause-and-Effect, 5-Why’s, & Fault Trees

6. Switchgear Electrical Short Video

Picture 11.png

7. Friday Joke: Taking Cell Phone Use While Driving to a Whole New Level

Picture 12.png

8. Friday Joke: Are Any of These Accidents Waiting to Happen in Your House???

9. Golfing Accidents

10. Construction Safety

Please note that many people get a direct RSS feed or just watch the daily page. These stats mainly indicate the results of search engine activity and clicks from the TapRooT® Friends/Experts e-Newsletter.

I will check these statistics again at the end of the year (early January) to see if there is a “trend” in what gets clicked on by readers.

*** Note that we don’t try to change our writing
and posts to to be “more popular” but it is
interesting to see what people read. ***
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