November 5, 2010 | Mark Paradies

Tour of Antwerp by Frank Verschueren after connecting on LinkedIn

I’m now at 2,500 LinkedIn Connections and when I travel, I let my connections in that area know so that we can meet face-to-face.

This week I was in Brussels for a meeting of The European Council on Health & Safety of the Conference Board. The meeting were informative (the topics – human factors and fatigue) and the sharing of information about different programs at European companies was great.

Img 0606  Img 0588

But in addition to the meeting, I was lucky enough to meet up with Frank Verschueren, a safety regulator from Belgium with an interest in Process Safety and Human Factors.

Img 0587

Screen Shot 2010-11-05 At 6.20.35 Am

We had never met face-to-face before but we had great discussions about human factors, process safety, LinkedIn, common people we knew, and even our kids (we both have daughters in college).

Img 0614

Img 0609

Frank was gracious and invited me to tour the industrial sections (refineries, chem plants, and reactors) of Antwerp, the old section of town (pictures above & below), and then take me to dinner with his wife at a great restaurant.

Img 0579-1

If you are interested in meeting new people with common interests, I would recommend joining LinkedIn.

Please send me an invitation to join your network. My profile is at:

And also join the TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Group for great sharing of information. Just search the groups field on LinkedIn for TapRooT® and you will find it.

And if you are in my LinkedIn network and you get to Knoxville, drop me a note and maybe we can get together for dinner and tour the Smoky Mountains.

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