February 22, 2010 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Two Die In Trench Collapse

I don’t usually post all the construction fatalities that happen in the US (or the world). Why? There are just too many.

But here is a link to a recent Fox News story about a double fatality cause by a trench collapse.

These don’t have to happen. We know how to stop these fatalities. No new science needs to be invented. Each trench collapse fatality is a needless loss of life.

Here’s a video demonstrating a collapse…

And here’s a trench cave in that occurred while an Oregon OSHA Inspector was filming…

Luckily the man “in-the-hole” was not killed in the second example. But many are not as lucky.

Back in 2003, I wrote an article called “Stop the Sacrifices.” It was an emotional appeal to the construction industry to stop these needless deaths. It caused a lot of controversy.

Perhaps the construction industry has improved since them. I know that some companies have. But others continue to put peoples’ lives at risk by promoting shortcuts (or at least turning a blind-eye to their workers’ taking shortcuts) and not promoting best practices to keep people safe.

If you are responsible for construction work and trenching, take a moment to review what you are doing to keep workers safe. A new sewer line or a broken water pipe isn’t worth someone’s life.

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