March 30, 2009 | Barb Carr

Troubleshooting Plant Process Upsets

Interested in learning Best Practices in Maintenance and Equipment Reliability? Trouble Shooting Plant Process Upsets: The Application of Customizable Equifactor® Trouble Shooting Tables to Capture the Knowledge of Your Sages and Wiz Kids (presented by Jason Laws) is just one of many Best Practice Sessions planned for the Maintenance and Equipment Reliability Track at the 2009 TapRooT® Summit, October 7-9 in Nashville, Tennessee.

As the work forces both ages toward retirement and increasingly becomes more mobile the tribal knowledge of many company’s wiz kids and revered sages is growing more volatile everyday.

Until very recently, the process industry had to rely on these sages and wiz kids to trouble shoot process upsets and understand “why the batch went bad?” and the all important “How do we recover . . . can we?”

Jason Laws

Jason Laws worked at a specialty chemical Plant for almost a decade. For the better part of his career there was a strong core of experienced mentorship. Then toward the end of his tenure his mentors slowly retired or were advanced in promotions away from daily contact with operations.

He with a few other company employees were the go to guys when quality problems or general upsets reared their ugly heads. They had seen all the problems enough times to run down their mental check lists and know what went wrong.

That was the problem. This library of troubleshooting knowledge was locked up in each of their heads. When they walked out the door so did their process troubleshooting checklists.

After exposure to an Equifactor® course, Jason began to believe that the same methodology could be applied to his Plant’s process upsets. After all, the same batches went bad for the same handful of reasons every time. You just had to be around long enough to see them occur and learn how to recover from the results. So, he set out to capture their typical process upsets, the potential causes and any possible recovery solutions in Equifactor’s® Customizable tables.

This presentation is an overview of the application of Equifactor’s® Customizable Tables to process troubleshooting, some of the processes that have been captured in the database and a review of a process upset that dove tailed interestingly with a mechanical failure and a TapRoot® RCA. These techniques can be applied to any standard process or system that has common causes that contribute to upset or problems. If you would like to adopt these techniques do so before your sages and wiz kids have move on and take your valuable tribal knowledge with them.

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