August 11, 2009 | Mark Paradies

UK Haulage Firm Executives Acquitted of Corporate Manslaughter. They are lucky … If the UK prosecuters had attended the TapRooT® Summit, the outcome could have been very different.

Here’s the story in Safety & Health Practitioner:

It seems the driver was fatigued and had an accident. Prosecutors tried to convince the judge that the fatigue was the direct cause of the accident and that the management knew that the drivers didn’t have proper sleep, but used them anyway.

The driver received a four year jail term for the accident. But management was acquitted. Why? The judge was not convinced by the expert testimony that fatigue was a cause of the accident.

At this year’s Summit, there is a session about proving that fatigue is the cause of an accident. It will teach a technique to analyze fatigue using available data. This “simplified” technique isn’t qualified for use as evidence in court. But the more robust technique that it is based on is. Perhaps if this more robust technique had been presented to the judge, he would have been convinced that managers were guilty.

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That brings up a second point…

If your company does business in the UK, are you prepared for accidents in light of the Corporate Manslaughter Act?

Our UK instructors teach a course to prepare your managers for their new responsibilities and risks under the Corporate Manslaughter Act. They are experienced detectives and can share with your management the challenges they will face and the preparation they need to take to be ready if a fatal accident occurs,

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