February 9, 2010 | Mark Paradies

UK NHS Chief Nursing Officer Says Root Cause Analysis “Critical” to Patient Safety


After reading a short summary of Christine Beasley’s remarks, I thought … “They need TapRooT®.”

See the article in Nursing Times here:


Why TapRooT®?

Because TapRooT® produces consistent results (it is structured and repeatable).

Because TapRooT® helps investigators find causes beyond their current knowledge.

Because TapRooT® helps investigators find all the root causes, rather than just the most obvious or their favorite ones.

Because TapRooT® has been tested and proven at leading companies around the world. (See Success Stories at: http://www.taproot.com/about.php.)

Because TapRooT® has patented software to make an investigator more productive.

Because TapRooT® has the Corrective Action Helper® Module to assist investigators in developing effective corrective actions.

Because management can understand the results and can approve the recommendations to improve performance.

Because TapRooT® is constantly being improved by a dedicated staff of experts that receive feedback from thousands – actually, tens of thousands – of users around the world.

Because the TapRooT® books, training, and investigation aids are so helpful.

Because TapRooT® Users are supported by newsletters and a Summit to help them continually improve their investigation skills.

That’s just a start of the reasons that TapRooT® Users are so successful and that you should be thinking about using TapRooT® if you don’t already use it.

Perhaps the NHS will look for improved root cause analysis tools (their current training, that I found outlined on-line, mentions 5-Whys and Brainstorming) and get better results that will help them improve outcomes in the UK. At least that what I thought when I read the article.

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