July 19, 2012 | Mark Paradies

UK Rail Accident Investigation Branch Investigating Derailment of a Passenger Train Near Letterston Junction on 12 July 2012

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The train after the derailment (image courtesy of Network Rail)

From the UK RAIB web site:

The RAIB is carrying out a preliminary examination following the derailment of a passenger train near Letterston Junction, between Clarbeston Road and Fishguard & Goodwick stations, Pembrokeshire.

At about 18:45 hrs on 12 July 2012 train 1B67, the 14:35 hrs service from Gloucester to Fishguard Harbour, consisting of a two-car class 150 diesel multiple unit, which was travelling at about 55 mph, struck cattle on the line. All wheels of the leading carriage derailed, and the train came to rest with this carriage leaning to the left.

There were 28 passengers and two crew on the train. No-one was hurt. The passengers were evacuated from the train by 20:20 hrs and continued their journey by road. Seven cows were fatally injured.

Initial indications are that the cows had entered the railway at a footpath crossing about half a mile from where the derailment took place.

At the conclusion of the preliminary examination, the RAIB will publish its findings on the RAIB web site.

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