December 17, 2008 | Mark Paradies

UK Rail Accident Investigation Branch Releases Annual Report

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The UK Rail Accident Investigation Branch has released its annual report. The report reviews the causes of accidents and the related recommendations arising from all investigations concluded in 2007.

The contents include:

Chief Inspector’s foreword
1. Introduction to the Rail Accident Investigation Branch
2. Operations
3. Analysis of recommendations and causes
4. Other Branch activities
Annex A – List of investigations opened in 2005 and completed in 2007 list of investigations opened in 2006 and completed in 2007
Annex B – Summary of investigations opened in 2007 but not completed by 31.12.2006
Annex C – Recommendation Progress Report
Annex C Appendix 1 – Statistics: Open / Completed Recommendations made in 2006 and status
Annex C Appendix 2 – Statistics: Recommendations made in 2007 and status   
Annex C Appendix 3 – Recommendations made in 2007 to end implementer
Annex C Appendix 4 – Recommendation that had an open status from the 2006 Annual Report
Annex C Appendix 5 – Recommendation Summary and Status from reports published in 2007
Annex C Appendix 6 – List of investigations published in 2007
Annex D – Summary of Ipsos MORI’s Findings
Annex E – Summary of schedules and notification requirements for accident and incidents on UK railways (annexes to the regulations)
Annex E Appendix 1 – Summary of schedules and notification requirements for accident and incidents in the Channel Tunnel
Annex F – Summary of investigations by type and industry sector
Annex G – Glossary of abbreviations and acronyms
Annex H – Glossary of terms

For the complete report, see:

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