July 13, 2009 | Barb Carr

Unhappy at Work? Get Ready for Your Next Career!

CNNMoney.com recently published an interesting article, Stuck in a Crappy Job? Tough. If you’re feeling frustrated in your current position, use the time in a positive way to plan your next career step. Our new Career Development Best Practices Track (TapRooT® Summit, October 7-9 in Nashville, Tennessee) will help you navigate through the downturn and get ready for the upturn.

In this track learn:

  • how to combine a super resume with a social network to find your next job
  • new job interview communication skills
  • how a corporate recruiter can help
  • how to map out your career plan

plus much more!

All of these sessions are taught by communications experts, career counselors and industry experts — a winning combination to help you achieve your goals. Check out the schedule on the Summit website (click on the “Career Development” radio button on the left menu to find the right schedule): http://www.taproot.com/summit.php?t=schedule.

Why not add TapRooT® skills to your resume as well? Pre-Summit 2-day courses include our investigation and root cause analysis course, as well as our advanced techniques course and equipment troubleshooting course. It’s a great value because you get a discount when you schedule a pre-Summit Course with the Summit! Do you have questions about how all of this can work for your resume? Call me (Barb) at 865-539-2139 and I will help you customize your Summit schedule in the most optimal way for your personal career development, or e-mail me: barbara(at)taproot.com.

ALSO, you’ll have dynamic networking opportunities at the Summit. Just a couple are here and here. You’ll learn how to network with TapRooT® users long after the Summit is over through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn by registering for my session on the Career Development Best Practices Track.

How do you go from this:


To this:


REGISTER for the 2009 TapRooT® Summit!

P.S. Southwest Airlines flies into Nashville and rates sometimes drop as low as $60 round trip!

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