July 2, 2015 | Barb Carr

Upcoming Public TapRooT® Course in Boston, MA


Do you enjoy American history and visiting historical sites that helped make the United States what we are today? Do you also enjoy root cause analysis and investigations? Take a trip to Boston, Massachusetts with TapRooT® for a 2-Day Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis course and get it all in one trip. Touring the famous sites of some of the key points of the American Revolution, learning the depths of the American culture and being introduced to TapRooT® makes for one great trip.


James Hook & Co.: As if family owned restaurants weren’t already the best, try one with fresh lobster dishes straight from the sea. Enjoy!

Rino’s Place: Guy Fieri featured this delicious genuine Italian restaurant, that must mean it’s a winner!

Flour Bakery & Cafe: With four locations in the Boston area, there is no excuse not to stop. Fresh pastries, breads and gourmet coffee, what’s not to love?


Fenway Park: Sports lover or not, this baseball stadium is known as “America’s most beloved ball park”, don’t pass up this opportunity.

Freedom Trail: This special foundation created a route just for history buffs like you. See it all in one tour with an educated tour guide ready to share American history with you.

Samuel Adams Brewery Tour: One of America’s favorite beers brewed right here in Boston. Take a tour of the brewery and explore why it’s one of the best.

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