May 16, 2011 | Barb Carr

TapRooT® Enterprise Version: Software Upgrade

We’re pleased to announce our latest update to the TapRooT® Web Enterprise Software, which has some great features that improve navigation and make you more effective.

Version includes the following new features:

  1. Spell Check
  2. Custom Spell Check Dictionary
  3. 24 Hour Time Setting
  4. Various Bug Fixes

And in case you missed Version, its features are also included in

  1. Two Updated Corrective Action Reports
  2. Configurable Email Notifications
  3. Window Resizing for the whole application, including SnapCharT®
  4. Batch Import/Export Interface to communicate with Incident Management System via a flat data file using a Windows Service
  5. Assorted Bug Fixes
  6. Button and Navigation Changes including:
  7. ‘CLOSE’ Buttons on all 7 TapRooT® Techniques now redirect you to the 7 Step Process page
  8. ‘CLOSE’ Buttons on all 7 TapRooT® Techniques have new save validations
  9. ‘7 Steps’ and ‘Reports’ Buttons have new save validations
  10. Reorganization of ‘New’ and ‘Delete’ Buttons on the Investigation Editor, 7 Step Process, and Document Management pages

If you’re a licensed software user and your Annual Maintenance Fee is up to date, this upgrade is included in your fee. Just contact to get it.

If you’re not up to date with your Annual Maintenance Fee, you can contact to bring yourself current and receive your upgrade.

Here’s how these features make your investigation more efficient:

  1. Spell Check – Spend less time proofreading your report, prevent typographical errors that may cause confusion, and complete your investigation reporting more quickly and efficiently. You can also add your company’s own brands and words to Spell Check’s Dictionary for added convenience.
  2. Navigation and Button Changes – Versions prior to take you back to the Quick Launch Menu whenever you closed one of the 7 techniques. They now take you back to the 7 Step Process page when you press the ‘CLOSE’ button so you can move on to your subsequent step. This convenience gets your report done faster. With new save validations, be absolutely sure your information is saved, removing the need for data re-entry and possible information loss.
  3. Window Resizing – In the Enterprise Version, you can also now expand the SnapCharT® window to fully match your screen resolution. This gives you more work area to quickly and effectively create your SnapCharT®s.
  4. 24-Hour Time Setting – Eliminate confusion between am/pm event times, making your report more accurate.
  5. E-mail Notifications – The TapRooT® Software provides consistent, well-structured, and professional communication to all employees involved. The TapRooT® Software allows you to quickly and easily communicate responsibilities to the appropriate individuals, so nothing falls through the cracks and your corrective actions are carried out exactly as planned.
  6. Batch Import – In the Enterprise Version, you can transfer information from your own incident investigation software without wasting valuable investigation time re-typing it. Import your information directly, avoiding typographical errors or varying word choice that may cause confusion.
  7. Updated Corrective Action Reports – The updated matrix-style format is easier to read, allowing you to communicate corrective actions clearly to employees and management alike.

These Updates to the TapRooT® Web Enterprise Software allow you to conduct an efficient investigation, create accurate reports, and present a professional presentation to management regarding the investigation.

Contact or to purchase your upgrade.

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