August 11, 2010 | Mark Paradies

USA Today Reports: Aviation safety in Alaska improves, but still hazardous

USA Today published an article about the recent crash that killed ex-Senator Ted Stevens and the hazards of flying to remote locations in Alaska.

The story mentioned several reasons for improving safety in Alaska but missed one. What is the one they missed? TapRooT®.

Back in 2002 we licensed The Medallion Foundation to teachTapRooT® and use it to investigate aviation accident in Alaska.

Then in 2003, we licensed the FAA in Alaska to use TapRooT® for accident investigations.

Now they cooperate in their investigative efforts to improve aviation safety in Alaska.

How has TapRooT® Helped improve Alaska aviation safety? Attend the TapRooT® Summit and find out. Dennis Ward, Executive Director of the Medallion Foundation and a certified TapRooT® Instructor, will present “Improving Performance by Analyzing Multiple Aviation Accidents for Common Causes” in the Investigation, Troubleshooting, and Root Cause Analysis Track. His talk explains the use of TapRooT® to find deeper meaning from the analysis of multiple accidents.

This is part of The Medallion Foundation’s efforts to improve the safety culture of the aviation industry in Alaska. Their web site has the following information:

“The Medallion Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting aviation safety through systems enhancements by providing management resources, training, and support to the aviation community. Our mission of reducing aviation accidents is fostered by research, analysis, education, auditing, and advocacy of Safety Management Systems and higher flight-training standards.”

It also says:

“The Medallion Foundation provides specific training classes, one-on-one company mentoring, and auditing in conjunction with and supplemental to the Five-Star / Shield programs. Courses such as System Safety, Safety Officer, Flight Risk Management, and TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis are offered as prerequisites for the Star Programs.”

OK … I added the emphasis on TapRooT®. But hearing how Dennis used TapRooT® to find significant Generic Causes of accidents from their root cause analysis, will help you understand why I put emphasis on using TapRooT® as a fundamental part of any improvement program.

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