November 29, 2008 | Mark Paradies

USS San Antonio Repairs Complete – Heads Back Out to Sea

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If you read our previous article about equipment problems on the USS San Antonio, you may be interested that the repairs have been completed and the ship is headed back out to sea.

The repair team spent 25 days making repairs to poor welds and poorly supported piping that caused leaks in the engine lubrication system.

According to an Express-News article in, Navy spokesperson Pat Dolan said:

The failures can be attributed to inadequate piping support, poor welding, material selection and insufficient quality assurance. They ended up putting in additional pipe support, going in and taking out in some cases whole sections of pipes and joints. I can’t tell you the blow-by-blow, what they did or repairs. I can tell you that’s in general what they did.

She also said the the Navy team that made the repairs was “… just returning from Bahrain so we don’t have the root-cause analysis complete yet.

I’ll translate this from Navy terminology … They haven’t decided who to blame yet.

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