March 3, 2009 | Dave Janney

Utilities & Public Safety (Man Killed, Grandaughter Injured)

Here is the story:


Accident investigations following the incident determined the probable cause of the accident was “excavation damage to a two-inch natural gas, distribution pipeline; the pipe’s protective coating had
been stripped which made the pipe susceptible to corrosion and failure.”

Further research showed that “five years earlier, a sewer line to the house was replaced. The sewer line crossed the gas pipeline near the location where the pipeline later failed.” The sewer project was completed. No one would have thought that the scarred gas pipeline left behind was really a ticking time bomb that would be heard from again long after the grass healed the construction site.

I’m glad to see that the state is doing something about this; however, it would have been nice if processes were in place BEFORE something happened.  Tragic Story.

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