February 21, 2009 | Barb Carr

Video: Fighter Mid-Air Collision and Generic Root Causes

F15 Midair

We have discussed submarines and satellite collisions recently so I figured that it was time for an inflight crash. As far as I know the pilots ejected and survived, just a little embarassed. So lets compare….

Submarines: Slow, Silent, and try to HIDE from each other so its hard to detect presence and they may float up or sink when they crash.

Satellites or “Space Junk”: Slow, on a dedicated path, easy to detect if you CARE to LOOK for them and they can fall on your head when the crash.

Aircraft: Fast, usually try to FIND each other, hard to avoid each other once you have dedicated to the path and they may fall on your head when they crash.

They look different, they had different outcomes, but they were all collisions. I wonder if there were Generic Causes that could have been fixed to prevent all of the collisions? What are Generic Causes you ask…. Think about System level issues that produce similar root causes, similar problems or similar incidents. Want a better way to find these higher level causes… If yes, Attend one of our TapRooT®. http://www.taproot.com/courses.php

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