April 12, 2021 | Mark Paradies

Virtually Fantastic!

On-Site TapRooT® Training

Making the 2021 TapRooT® Summit Virtually Fantastic

This year the Global TapRooT® Summit is in a HYBRID format.

What does that mean? We have our normal, great, live, in-person Summit PLUS we have a VIRTUAL Summit for those that can’t attend in-person.

Everybody who has attended the Summit knows that from the

  • pre-Summit courses, to the
  • Name Game, to the
  • Keynote Speakers, to the
  • Best Practice Sessions, to the
  • Food and Reception, to the
  • Networking and Best Practice Sharing, to the
  • Roadmap to Success

We have the live, in-person Summit downpat. People praise our organization and the quality of the speakers every year. People love it.

So, why did we add a virtual way to attend? COVID.

People told me that they wanted to come to the in-person Summit, but…

  • Their company wouldn’t allow travel.
  • Their country wouldn’t allow travel.
  • They were worried about travel.
  • They couldn’t afford travel.

Things were just too uncertain even though people wanted to attend.

How Did We Fix the Uncertainty? Virtual Summit!

So we decided that no matter how much effort, expense, worry, and time it cost, we were going to produce a virtual Summit and we were going to do it right.

So, late last year we started planning. And we believe that we are well on the way to creating a virtual Summit that will be an excellent experience.

How Will We Make the Virtual Summit Great?

First, we’ve found a way to make virtual networking and sharing easy and fun. We will use this technology to start networking prior to the start of the Summit.

Second, we have excellent software (Whova) for producing the Summit Keynote and Best Practice Sessions. We are working hard to integrate everything seamlessly and performing dry-runs on every aspect of the Summit.

Review Root Cause Analysis

Third, with all of our virtual teaching and management presentations over the past year, we’ve learned ways to make virtual sessions interactive.

Finally, we think we have ways to combined in-person and virtual sessions, including the Roadmap to Success Session, to be seamless for both types of attendees.

One of the first things we discovered is that it will take about three times the staff to produce a hybrid event. We will be totally worn out by the end of the week.

Lucky for us, this year’s Summit is in Knoxville (our home town), so the travel for our staff is reduced and we can call on everyone from the office to help.

Knoxville, TN - site of 2021 Global TapRooT® Summit

So what is the result of all of our work? Whether you are attending in-person or virtual, we want you to go back to work saying:

“This was the BEST SUMMIT EVER!”

Technology Testing & Post-Registration Work

Once you register for the Summit, you will have some work to do.

Both in-person attendees and virtual attendees will need to download the Whova app/software.

There is a phone app and a website to access Whova via the internet (with your laptop or tablet). You can pick either one to use. (I would use the phone app if I was attending in-person and my computer to attend virtually (more screen space).

You will need to create your Whova profile (think of it as a mini social networking site). Then, you can start taking surveys and preparing for the sessions you will attend.

You can pick your primary breakout session and secondary breakout sessions that you can watch later. (All sessions are recorded and will be available to watch later so you can attend more Summit sessions.)

We are in the final testing stages of all this technology and, so far, everything is going great! We think the technology will make the Summit great for the virtual participants and even better for those who attend the Summit in-person.

Find Out More About the 2021 Global TapRooT® Summit

General Information: CLICK HERE.

Complete Summit Schedule: CLICK HERE.

Pre-Summit Courses: CLICK HERE.

Keynote Speakers: CLICK HERE.

Olympic Gymnast Shannon Miller

Hotels and Venue: CLICK HERE.

Registration: CLICK HERE.

Don’t Wait!

Because of the preparation for both the in-person and virtual attendees, you want to sign up early. Early bird sign-up has been extended for three more days (until April 15), so register NOW!

See you in Knoxville (in-person or virtually)!

2021 Global TapRooT® Summit virtually or in-person
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