June 22, 2011 | Mark Paradies

Wall Street Journal Says Transocean Report Blames BP

 Wikipedia Commons Thumb 9 9D Deepwater Horizon Offshore Drilling Unit On Fire 2010.Jpg 300Px-Deepwater Horizon Offshore Drilling Unit On Fire 2010

The Wall Street Journal’s review of the Transoceam Deepwater Horizon accident report starts off with the headline:

Transocean Probe Blames BP Decisions for Gulf of Mexico Spill

Here’s a couple of key quotes:

But while government investigations have generally assigned blame to both BP and its contractors, Transocean’s report focuses almost entirely on decisions made by BP and largely dismisses criticism of its own workers.”


In a statement Wednesday, BP said the Transocean report ‘fails to acknowledge the significance of Transocean’s role in the event’ and said the rig owner ‘continues to take every opportunity to avoid its responsibilities.'”

For the whole article, see:


My comment? The bigger the accident, the more blame takes center stage and the more difficult it is to get an unbiased investigation.

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