November 16, 2010 | Dave Janney

Welders “Detained” after High-Rise Fire

Here is the story:

Yet another story about blaming the workers.  Wow, that’s easy.

The problem is that this approach will not prevent future incidents.

I wonder how long management and the regulators have been letting this behavior slide (or outright condoning it)?  But no worries; now that something has gone wrong there is a convenient scapegoat.

Unlicensed welders doing the job improperly….hmm…I wonder who put them there?  I wonder if they were trained?  What are the requirements for licensing?

We can’t tell much from this article, there are more questions than answers.  A few potential root causes under training, management system, and work direction jump out as possibilities.  Unfortunately, it is not likely that a good enough investigation will be done to get to those root causes.

Are there also causal factors after the fire started?

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