November 21, 2011 | Mark Paradies

What’s it Worth to be the Best?

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What’s it worth to be the best?

That’s a great question.

To answer it, you have to consider the advantages that being the best bring to those who achieve excellence.

1. Reputation. One of the biggest advantages of being the best is the reputation that comes with being the best. The best sports teams enter the playing field with a clear advantage. They set the tempo of the game. They make the other team play to their strengths and emphasize the opponent’s weaknesses.

2. Culture. The reputation of being the best tends to breed an excellence culture. People in the organization won’t accept second best. This culture helps the best stay the best. And that’s an invaluable advantage.

3. Avoiding Complacency. It’s easy to become complacent when you are at the top. That’s why true leaders are constantly striving to be better. They know that excellence is a continuing journey. They can’t rest on their laurels.

Some may think that constantly striving to be better is a cost of being the best. But it is actually a hidden advantage. People who work at the best companies don’t waste time justifying their efforts, arguing against false cost savings, and dealing with the turmoil of constant downsizing and needless reorganizations.

4. Cost Savings. Being the best is cheaper than being second best (or last). This is a counter-intuitive result of being the best. How does this work?

The best don’t have:

• Unexpected equipment outages,
• Devastating safety accidents,
• Expensive environmental releases, or
• Costly product recalls.

If something does go wrong, the best are better equipped to deal with the emergency. This is in part due to government regulators and the public “cutting them slack” because of their excellent reputation.

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