July 23, 2018 | Susan Napier-Sewell

What Are SnapCharT®s and Why Are They Important?

TapRooT®’s systematic process for finding the root causes of problems is used around the world to investigate and fix all categories of mission-critical issues, problems, and potential incidents. The first steps of the TapRooT® process are planning the investigation, collecting information, and understanding what happened. The investigator draws a SnapCharT® to understand what happened and to organize the information about what happened. In this Facebook Live session, you will learn more about the value and vital importance of SnapCharT®s from TapRooT® professionals Michelle Wishoun and Dave Janney.

Watch the session here in Vimeo.

TapRooT® has special tools—such as the Root Cause Tree® and TapRooT® Root Cause Tree Dictionary—to help investigators find root causes of Causal Factors. Our books and training through our custom courses, software and webinars, and TapRooT® professionals will educate, facilitate, and guide you through investigations into the root causes of human performance problems. Let us know how we may help you. Contact or call us: 865.539.2139.


Root Cause Analysis
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